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First of all, I am an OFW and I am always facing difficulties in doing some task in Manila. Luckily I have my parents, inlaws and friends doing things for me while I am outside Manila. What if there is a website that could help me do things that I want to do in Philippines? I think it would be better for my family. I don’t have to bother them in getting things done.

It is how this website came to birth, We aim to be the helper for OFW working abroad in Philippines for a minimal fee.

OFW’s can ask us to do things and if we can do it, We will send a quotation for the total amount of service that we will do.

Example you need to pay for your SSS, we will send you a proposal and if things gets agreed we will wait for your payment and we can then proceed with the Task that we agree.

We can even buy online and send it to your love ones in the Philippines. We can do lots of things. You just have to let us know what you need from us, and we will reply with our proposal.

Do you need to pay for your Pag-Ibig Funds?  Phil Health or any other insurance? We can help you with those task.

Do you want to order from LAZADA but you don’t have credit card? We can do it for you.

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